A transpersonal externalisation towards my sense of disconnection…

A transpersonal externalisation towards my sense of disconnection…

The following is a discriptive citation from processing the art piece above as I attempt to delve deeper in a Transpersonal way to discover my strong sense of feelings towards disconection.  Enjoy.

Connection: ‘a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else.’

As I look into the construction of this collage, I see many different layers upon layers of different lines, colours, shapes, textures and designs. 

I see that there is an overlapping of rough, broken, torn and a delicate thinness that is see-through.  Enough to reveal the emptiness in the underlying spaces, and spaces of other lines, colours, shapes, textures and designs below.

I see that not all the pieces are connected to the page, that some are overlapping, extending outwards with nowhere to be placed.

I see small pebbles and sand surrounding an ocean shore.  I see waves crashing gently, a place of peace and tranquility, a healing place for my Soul.  A special place where I can often go to be alone.

I see a journey over mountains, rocky outcrops and hills that overlap.  I see beauty on the horizon, where the long and treacherous journey stops.  I see a gift of accomplishment at the end, when I reach my new view to see.  I see an opportunity to stop, to take a moment and breath.

I see many owls of wisdom and other bird species that surround.  Perhaps a connection to the Bird Tribe, connected in Spirit where the ancient feathered tribe are found.

I see a Japanese warrior covered in armor holding an ancient sword.  I see many faces silhouetted in shadow and darkness, some of which are bold.  

I see a connection to my strengths within many faces that I see, and see a recognition of empowerment in the many faces that I seem to be. 

I see a vulnerability, a trait I see in me, as the veil begins to lift, and my eyes begin to see.  I see the clarity in my visions that vulnerabilities bring to sight, and that from our darkest darkness, we can always choose to shine our brightest light.

Collage and Written Word by Luna Crescent ©